Jotform vs Dreambound: Which is the better class registration tool

Lea Legaspi
November 14, 2022
Jotform and Dreambound intake are two of the best class registration tools. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but their similarities may lead you to ask yourself which is better. This article will review some of the critical differences between Jotform and Dreambound. We'll also show you exactly how each platform works so that you can make an informed decision before choosing which one is right for your school's needs.

What's Jotform?

It's a powerful online application that allows anyone to create custom online forms. The forms can be used to receive payments, registrations, appointments, uploads, and more.

What's Dreambound intake?

It's a powerful yet simple online registration tool that accepts online registration, e-sign paperwork, payments, class management, and more.


Creating class registration forms

Jotform allows you to create and customize your registration tool. There are a lot of designs you can choose from and different questions you can add to the form.
Here’s how you create one:
The downside of Dreambound’s registration tool is the limitation of its design customization. This is because you won’t have to; it’s already designed to work best for schools. You can add, edit, and manage class schedules per program. 
Here’s how you use it:
This is the student’s view on their end:

Class registration management 

Ideally, you should be able to manage all the submitted forms, especially if you have different courses. Here’s how you can organize class registrations on both tools. 

With Jotform, you can integrate Google spreadsheets or Airtable with the app to manage your classes. You’ll be able to see all the form submissions in one place. Suppose you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to see all the enrollment in one spreadsheet but instead separated by course and cohort date. In that case, you can create a different Jotform per course or manually sort the submissions per cohort. 
There are also a lot of apps you can connect your forms to that would make handling registration efficient. For example, you can connect it with Slack, a messaging program designed for the office. This way, your team gets notified when a student submits a form, and they can reach out promptly. 
With Dreambound, you can access all the form submissions in the web tool. It allows you to see students separately per course and cohort date or all enrollees. 
Dreambound has an “enrollment status” feature. You’ll see if the student already chose their classes and if they have submitted the payment and important documents such as their high school diploma.
Being able to see potential students gives you the option to reach out. If they have the "pending" status that means they haven’t completed the payment, you can ask them if they have more questions about the class or having trouble with the payment method; this is great for marketing and converting potential students. 

The students that have the "pending" are those who already chose their classes


The great thing about the two tools is that they allow you to accept payments online. Giving students additional ways of paying, many people prefer to pay online as it is more convenient. 
Here’s how it would appear on the student's end.
Jotform payment thru Paypal

Distinctive features 

Here are the features that set both Jotform and Dreambound apart and how you can select which one you would need. 

Classroom Management App

If you’re looking for a registration tool that would also assist you in managing your classroom, then Jotform is a great app. 

It’s used by schools and educational institutions for recording students’ attendance and progress. This all-in-one Classroom Management App contains four useful forms: teachers can mark attendance with a Student Attendance Tracking Form, record student progress with a Student Progress Report Form, keep track of student evaluations with a Student Performance Evaluation Form, and report incidents with a School Incident Report Form. 

This would work best for schools that offer online or hybrid classes. 


If you’re trying to get more students to sign-up for classes, Dreambound will be your best tool. Hundreds of potential students visit Dreambound’s website to sign up for classes, increasing the chances of students enrolling in your classes if you use its free web tool. They will also create an SEO-friendly landing page for you to increase traffic and visibility for your school. 


Both platforms have a lot to offer and are great at accepting student enrollments. It all comes down to purpose. Which features do you think will help your school in the long run in achieving its goals?

Is marketing something you need for your school or classroom management?

Once you’ve decided, here are links to both Jotform and Dreambound to sign-up. 

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