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What can you do with Dreambound?

Receive additional students

Partnering with Dreambound allows you to save time and headaches on recruitment. Get interested students directly to your door—with minimal effort.

Boost enrollment rates

Dreambound's world-class online enrollment tool allows you to capture student registration without picking up the phone or manually processing paperwork. Easier for you and your student.

Tools to manage your school

Our all-in-one school portal allows you to run your whole school. Accept applicants online, collect payments, manage payment plans, store enrollments, and manage all classes and programs.

Build brand awareness

Tens of thousands of students visit Dreambound every month. Get exposure to them, no matter how early they are in their journey of picking a school.

Pricing plans for everyone


Get listed on the Dreambound marketplace and school directory. Upload all your programs with cohorts, requirements, and pricing details.

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Everything you get with the Listed plan and more. Perfect plan for private vocational schools and employer run schools.

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Everything in Listed, Starter, and more, including integration with your enrollment management system. Perfect plan for accredited chools.

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Partnership plans made to work for you


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Hear from our partners

We like that we go to Dreambound's school portal; it’s a central system for our referrals...All their paperwork that I need is there, so I love that convenience.
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Nancy Barron
Admissions, Savant Achievement Center
We had to hire new staff to handle increased demand from students once we started with Dreambound!
Samuel Asiedu
Admissions, CE Global Health
After working with Dreambound my classes are regularly almost full. Plus, I get to focus on what I love: running a great class.
Justina Ekezie
Director, Vinepress Training Center

All-in-one school software

Better online registration

Start accepting online registrations for all your classes. SEO friendly landing page coupled with a world-class online registration flow means more students and revenue for your school.

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Manage enrollments and more

Manage your student roster, class schedules, and much more from our easy-to-use CRM tool designed with vocational schools in mind. We're constantly adding new features to make your operations smoother.

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Accept payments and payment plans

Easily and securely accept payments upon students registering for class. Offer discounts, unique payment plans and more. All fully integrated with your enrollments view.

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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Dreambound is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Our platform is open to all state approved schools based anywhere in the U.S.

Do other schools see my students?

Other schools do not see students that have chosen your school.

Do you manage our website or social media?

Dreambound doesn’t manage schools’ websites or social media. You will have complete control of your school’s website and social media accounts. Some schools have chosen to use their storefront page as a way to display their class schedules, but Dreambound does not mandate that.

How do you handle refunds if a student doesn’t end up enrolling, or if a student fails a background check?

In the case of a refund, let us know and we will refund the student. We are working on giving schools the ability to refund students by themselves, which should be released soon!

Do you allow non-refundable deposits?

We do support non-refundable deposits. However, we encourage not adding a deposit to increase the likelihood that a student will take your class.

What is Dreambound?

Dreambound’s mission is to create upward mobility for America by breaking down barriers to vocational careers. For vocational schools Dreambound is a technology partner and source of new student registrations.

How much does it cost?

It is free for schools to use all of our free tools in the School Portal and to claim their listing. Standard credit card processing fees do apply for payments made on the platform to schools. For partnered schools, let's set up some time to talk!

Do we have to use your payment system?

If you so choose, students can pay the first payment through Dreambound’s system. That way, we send you only students who are serious about starting class. Dreambound offers schools the ability to use our payment system as a benefit for schools, but it isn’t required. 

How long do I have to wait before receiving my payment?

Schools receive payments within 3-5 business days of approving a student. Partnered schools receive payments within 1-2 business days.

How do payments work?

If you so choose, Dreambound-referred students can pay the first payment through Dreambound’s system. That way, you can be sure that we’re sending you only students who are serious about starting class, and you don’t have to chase down students who aren’t serious about starting. 

This payment is sent to you after you approve the student, less transaction fees (2.9%, similar to other payment processors like Square and Paypal). We don’t make any money on this; we offer this as a benefit for schools. If a student makes additional payments through our system (ie subsequent payment plan payments), we send the full payment to you.

How will we know the student was sent from you?

After a student has signed up for your class, their information will be in the school portal. We’ll also send you an email letting you know that a new student is interested in your school.

How will I know if someone signed up?

After a student has signed up, their information will show up in the school portal when you log in. You’ll also get an email from us saying that a new student has expressed interest in your school.

Why should I work with Dreambound?

Tens of thousands of students use Dreambound every month to find training programs near them. Working with Dreambound allows you to get access to more students, with almost no effort on your part.

Do you only work with allied health schools?

We can support virtually every program you offer across allied health, trades, logistics, and more.

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