Dreambound payments vs Square

Lea Legaspi
November 14, 2022

Looking at alternative ways to accept online payments for your school? Try these two great tools which make it easier than ever to accept payments, track attendance, and more. They will save you time and money and give you the ability to have more control over all of your transactions.

This article will set as a guide for you to check which one is best for you according to your needs. We will discuss the benefits of each payment system to fit your needs, so let's get started!


It is an all-in-one school portal allowing you to run your whole school. Accept robust online registration, collect online payments, manage payment plans, store enrollments, and manage all classes and programs.


Square is a nifty tool that lets you manage your business online. It offers a ton of features to help you keep track of your enrollments, manage your inventory and employees, and more. You can accept online payments with ease using their easy-to-use tool. 

Dreambound vs Square: The fundamentals

Payment interface 

When accepting student payments, it’s important that they are well informed on the inclusion of their payment. The great thing about both tools is that the payment page is editable and itemizing the program fee is easy. It's best to indicate if the program fee includes books, state exam, scrubs, etc.

Here’s a sample of the payment page: 



Registration Form

The key difference between the two is the process of accepting student registration; with Dreambound, the form is already incorporated into the web tool. Once students fill out the form and pick a class, they are prompted to the payment page. All your important student information is stored in the Dreambound School Portal, making it easier than ever to manage and monitor your students. 

With Square, you can integrate different form builders, such as Google Form, Ninja Form, Jotform, etc., to create your own form. This is great in order to collect needed information from students. The downside is that there are limitations. Most form builders only allow a certain number of submissions, it could be 100 or so per registration form, any additional would require payment. Having to create forms can be troublesome, especially if you make any changes to your programs such as amount, schedule, etc. 

Here is a sample photo of what students see when picking a class:

Google Form that can integrate with Square

Student Management

The great feature of both tools is the ability to store student information which helps significantly with marketing and keeping track of students who paid. 

The main difference between the two is that with Dreambound, you’ll be able to see the information of students who signed up for the course but haven’t made the payment yet. They could need assistance with class information or payment; this is great for marketing as you can reach out to interested students. 

This is the student management interface: 


Unique features

Dreambound - Marketing boost

Are you looking to increase student enrollment? Dreambound can help you immensely with marketing. Hundreds of students use Dreambound’s website to enroll in classes; you can use Dreambound’s free web tool as a way to market the courses you offer. Dreambound will also create an SEO-friendly landing page for you to increase traffic and visibility for your school. 

Square - Team management

Square's Team Management has tools to help you manage your team easily — across locations, devices, and job functions. It has a free and paid plan, Team Plus, to meet your business needs.

Your team members can clock in/out. You can also track time using shifts and secure and restrict sensitive areas of your Point of Sale and online dashboard at no additional cost.


Both Dreambound and Square have a lot to offer, especially in accepting payments; the better one would depend on the needs of your school. The best step would be to weigh the pros and cons of each tool, which is easier to use and would help you manage your students. 

Click here to start using Dreambound to innovate the way you accept payments and enrollment.

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