4 unique ways schools are using Dreambound

Lea Legaspi
November 14, 2022

Dreambound has been a game-changer for school leaders to manage their enrollment, but Dreambound is so much more. Here are four of the unique ways that schools are using our web tool:

Offer a price reduction

Want to attract students to sign-up and pay in full? Offer discounts. 

According to a study by Shekhawat, K., Puri, A., Sharma, N., Wagh, H., & Kokatnur, P. (2020), you can influence students buying behavior to improve sales. Sales promotional tools such as price discounts, coupons, etc., it a great way to do that. 

Eligibility for price discounts could be if they pay in full or pay two months before their start date. It all comes down to which one you think would be more effective for your school, and Dreambound is here to assist you in applying that using our tool. 

Take a look at how one of our partnered training providers is applying price discounts: 


Advertise a new location

Did you recently move or add a new school location? We can help you advertise your school through the use of Dreambound marketplace. 

Dreambound lists your school more in all our listings, resulting in significantly more traffic. The thousands of students who visit our website monthly will see your school when enrolling, giving you visibility in your new area.

First-line customer service 

We provide World-class customer support. Do you have a lot of potential students that have a number of questions about your program and how to enroll? We have a fantastic team who can assist them with enrollment. They can reach out to us through call, text, or email all day of the week. 

See an example of how our partnered school integrated us into their website:


This leads to their Dreambound landing page created especially for their school. It's where students get more information about the programs that they offer and also a way to reach out to us for inquiries.

Easily update all of your programs and classes

The best way to attract and keep students is to provide them with up-to-date information about their classes (Cohort date, requirements, and cost of tuition fee) and stick to it to avoid students withdrawing. 

Take a look at how you can use our tool to add programs and classes for students to see

You can add or remove programs, update your class information, and add or edit class descriptions. You can even indicate whether you're conducting your classes online, hybrid, or in person! Isn't that great?

This is what it’ll look like on their end:

This is just the beginning; we’ll continue to roll out features based on your needs. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear more—partner with us through this link.

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