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How CE Global Health filled up their empty seats with Dreambound

CE Global Health Education Network was founded in 2003 by Paul Labeodan. Located in Garland, TX, CE Global offers offers many health and industrial training programs, including Certified Nursing Assistant, HVAC, Diesel Technician, and more. CE Global stands out as one of the best trade schools in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area.

CE Global was looking to grow their school when they encountered Dreambound. They needed a source of students that would require little work from them, so they could focus on delivering a great education for students instead of marketing. CE Global was also looking for creative ways to support the high proportion of applicants who were unable to pay out-of-pocket for tuition.
CE Global had empty seats in their classes that they needed to fill
The solution
Dreambound helped CE Global find 1300+ new applicants
Dreambound students fill up those empty seats...which is every school wants. You want those classes to be filled, you don’t want those to be empty. [Dreambound] also increases your revenue. Look forward to filling up more seats and making the school more profitable!
— Paul Labeodan, Owner at CE Global Health
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